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OMGeee...A forum for snacks!

But really, what is the definition of a snack? Are desserts snacks, does it depend on how much you eat in one sitting, so many questions!

All I know is snacks are food and I love food.
Not all food though. I did try brussel sprouts and cauliflower recently but that didn't end well.

Anyhoo...I've more of a sweet tooth so you won't see anything healthy from me but maybe I can learn about things I can try and possibly broaden my horizons.

I also hope to get to share some of mine and my husband's favorite snacky recipes. I started making all of our own sweets and treats as a way to save money and that includes candy bar knockoffs! And soft pretzels. And cheesecakes of all types. The list goes on....馃構

So glad I found y'all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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