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Trick or Treat

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So what is your favorite treat for Halloween?
We have a candy tax, I get all the Reece's Cups and Twix. All Snickers are required to go in the freezer for frozen eating.
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Halloween is bougie AF at my house.
I give out Tony's chocolate bars. I try to get my hands on Snickers and Peanut Butter cups. The rest is trash.
Fair. I'm not allowed to give out candy on Halloween. There was that year when I was literally on the roof above my front door, dressed in a sniper ghillie suit. Pelting kids with candy was not appreciated nearly as much as I thought it would be.
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I gave out Candy Cigarettes at the campground last year dressed as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

My mom gave out raisins when we were kids. I made a vow to never pass out anything less than awesome.
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I give the kids full size candy bars and cold cans of Mountain Dew. I also offer coffee and beer for the parents. The older kids I know get special treats, this year they are all getting pocket knives.
This year the coffin on my porch will be filled with this tasty sucker.
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Then when we roam to see the fire breathing dragons I carry a pumpkin with candy to pass along the way. This year that will be
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