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Sorry @Administrator but I wasn't sure where this belonged.

What is your must have road trip snack?

These little guys are my personal faves. They used to be called Beaver Bites and I'm not sure why they changed the name but anyhoo...

Insanely crunchy but not hard, truly sweet and salty at the same time but more salty than sweet.

Drinkware Food Ingredient Drink Cuisine

Food Hand Ingredient Drinkware Fluid

The last trip we took I finally got the husband to try them so he's now addicted as well. 馃構

Rebel Ice Cream
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I have found it impossible to drive past a Buc-ee's.

There must be some sort of magnet that pulls you off the highway straight into their parking lot and forces you to spend money!

Their Dried Beef Sausage is simply amazing.
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