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Not so much keto but....

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Trying to eat healthier and drop a few pounds so been eating a little different lately. Eating a lot more salad, less carbs and laying off bread so much. Not looking to completely eliminate anything, but any thoughts, ideas, good meals anyone could recommend, let me know.

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Had my first keto breakfast today, it was very good
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Keto helped me drop like 40 pounds years ago.

Need to get back on it, as I eat a cookie. I could eat meat, eggs, and cheese all day.

Are those potatoes?
Yep! Like to call them homefries, but definitely potatoes so I didn't eat many.
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@Maverick try these when you're craving potatoes. I put them in the air fryer to get them super crisp.

Green Giant Cauliflower, Cheese & Bacon Veggie Tots 14 oz. Bag
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I might need to give these a try!
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