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Meal Replacement - Hey that's not a snack!

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I am forever on the hunt for a legitimate meal replacement powder that has as few carbs as possible and no sodium / sweetners.
I truly don't care if it tastes awful, I just want something functional that can replace a meal here and there.

I don't have time to cook. I just want to mix something with water and get on with my day. Any thoughts?
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I have a few that I got when I bought my new BlendJet. I am not a huge fan of a non-alcoholic liquid meal.
I did the ones I tried with almond milk, and they weren't completely horrible.
Right now Im working with unflavored Naked Whey with an ever so tiny sprinkling of cocoa powder and that seems to be working. Occasionally Ill blend it with non-fat milk instead of water
I buy the diabetic friendly meal replacement shakes from Walmart. They are pre made bottles. The diabetic ones have low or no sugar and very low Carbs compared to the regular ones and they do not taste to bad. Not as good as the regular ones. I drink them on the go when I am busy. Not to loose weight or anything as I think I am perfect where I am At 6’2” 220lbs. Regrettably my arms are no longer 20” and have not been since I was in my 30s. Trying to maintain a buff bod in your 50s is harder than it was at 20 or 30. Like double the work now.
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