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Let's Talk Peanut Butter!

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Just wondering, do you lean more toward crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Is there a particular reason for your choice?

Oh, and if you have a go-to recipe using peanut butter, I want to hear it! 馃い
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This is one of my go-to recipes when taking "something" to a gathering I attend a few times a year. It never fails to please and there are never leftovers to take home. Betty's website also has a gluten-free version of these, but I've not tried it.

If you decide to make and serve this, I suggest cutting the pieces small as they are very rich, but some people will still take 4 or 5 at a time. They really are that good!
Smooth here. It is the only thing accepted.
My dad insisted on crunchy as a kid, and we all hated it. As a child, I rarely ate PB, though in about 3rd grade, a teacher did apples and peanut butter snack time for the kids. She introduced me to the beauty that is creamy peanut butter.
From that day on, it was for apples, celery, toast, and most importantly, spoons.

Tip- spoon of PB then add some Magic Shell chocolate... so yummy!
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PB is Gross either way. Only acceptable ways to eat PB is cookies or Reese鈥檚 cups.
I do have a great PB cookie recipe for anyone interested.
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