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Gluten-free Go-to Brands

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January 13th is National Gluten-Free Day, and I'm curious to know what are your favorite gluten-free snacks. Sure, there are plenty of naturally gluten-free options like nuts, most ice creams and cheeses, fruits, and veggies, but I'm more interested in hearing about the brands that consistently make delicious gluten-free treats.

Do you have any go-to gluten-free snack brands?
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Thrive Market has some good options there. It is as close as you can get to a "market" for GF needs, I think.
Lately, I have enjoyed "tortilla chips" made by From the Ground Up.
Tate's Gluten-free cookies (not Keto friendly, though)
Rx bars are good in a pinch and easier for me to find locally.
The brand Enjoy Life is a great one and their crispy cookies are amazing!
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I do have an appreciation for Deep Eddy Lemon. Add it to a splash of lemonade, and it is nice.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts