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Dark or Milk?

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I am a sucker for a nice dark chocolate with carmel and sea salt.
But I will also destroy some Reece's Peanut Butter cups too.
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I prefer dark but really it's anything but white. Not. A. Fan.

My guilty pleasure is buying two dark chocolate baking bars and eating one while using the other as an ingredient.

My husband prefers milk chocolate which can lead to a bit of strife in our kitchen from time to time. I usually win though because he doesn't bake. 馃え
Milk chocolate all day every day!

I bought a bag of these buckeyes the other day and the bag barely lasted a week.

Milk Chocolate is my go to but I don't mind dark chocolate every now and then. Hershey milk chocolate is one of my favourites.
Milk Chocolate for me. Just snacked on some of these earlier today.

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I like milk chocolate.
And also dark chocolate if it isn't too bitter.
Depends on what it is paired with. Milk chocolate for malt balls, dark for anything with peppermint or spearmint.
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