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Work with me here... Goat cheese is keto friendly. I love me some cheese. I could snack on it non-stop. One of my favorites is Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog.

Conceived in a dream by Cypress Grove’s founder, Mary Keehn, Humboldt Fog was the first soft-ripened goat cheese made in America. This masterpiece of taste and texture paved the way for a whole new genre of goat cheese production in the United States and laid the foundation for a host of other delicious cheeses made in its wake.
Humboldt Fog gets its name from the county in which it’s made, Humboldt California, and the rolling fog that comes in off the ocean every morning. Dense and velvety, it's not only its name that reminds one of the thick fog but also its texture.
Creamy and luxurious, Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog is thick and spreadable, with a delightful tangy finish. Each handcrafted wheel boasting a thin layer of edible vegetable ash, dividing the aged goat cheese in half. Characterized by notes of tangy flavor, reminiscent of buttermilk, it’s complemented by fresh floral flavors and a clean, almost citrusy finish.

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