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I feel like wine should count.
It can be sweet, flavorful, buttery and very refreshing.

Let's talk about my favorites.

Champs / Sparklin' whites: These are my favorite treat. Nothing beats popping open a bottle of champs after a hot day of yard work or working on a bike / jeep. Bougie? Maybe, but I don't care. If it is good enough for my hero Larry Hagman, it's good enough for me.

Chard / Cougar Juice. I also think of it as Silver Fox juice. reow. Big and buttery, crisp and refreshing. I'm not above murdering an entire bottle while floating in the swimming pool on a hot afternoon.

And finally, Cabs. Dark, bold cabs. Leggy and tannic. My favorite go-to when it's been a while since I suckled on a leather-bound book in a smokey private library.

How do you drink it?
Personally, I can go either way, I will use crystal barware that's varietal-appropriate, however, I'm not above glugging from one of those grown-up sippy cups you get at Target. I can roll either way.

Box or Bottle
Listen, I'm about as selective as a cockapoo and will drink both. Some times, the stuff from the box is good enough for the company I keep or when I need to jazz up some spaghetti sauce. I like to wash my glass out with some boxed wine before pouring me another glass of boxed wine.

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