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Burger on the run

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So what is your fave burger on the go?
I was recently impressed by a burger at Dairy Queen. 馃崝
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Culver's double bacon burger with cheddar cheese fries.

This kid did a review on them:
If I'm in a hurry it's hard to not go with a mcdouble (or two haha). But if I'm not in a rush that's a different story.
Gotta be a 1/4 ponder w/cheese meal if it's on the go. Prefer a big mac, but that's a bit of a mess on the run.

I do like a good In-N-Out burger, but there is nothing quick about going there and I'm not a fan of waiting in line. I do love Dairy Queen but there isn't one near me :( I gotta find a new burger on the run spot.
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Whataburger patty melt. So.Damn.Good.
I'm jealous. I have heard such good things about Whataburger but there isn't one around here :cry:
One day I'll hopefully know all of its greatness.

Also, I have a friend from Texas who has a Whataburger snuggie and it's pretty amazing.
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The Whataburger Southern Bacon Double. With slaw, y'all!

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